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Your personal information

Aspermont Limited (Aspermont) recognises that your privacy is very important to you. Aspermont is committed to protecting your personal information and will comply with any laws introduced to strengthen protection of consumer privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information we handle about subscribers to our publications (subscribers), visitors to our websites and digital publications, recipients of our other electronic communications, users of other services we may provide, and members of the public. It provides information about the personal information that we collect, and the ways in which we use that personal information.

Collection of personal and other information

Aspermont collects both personal information and anonymous information.

The only personal information collected is what you tell us or an authorised third party about yourself. This may include name, contact details, information relating to dealings with us, and interests and preferences in relation to our services and events. As a subscriber to our products, visitor to our websites and digital publications or recipient of our other electronic communications, or as an advertiser or other contact, you may submit personal details about yourself, including by email or online form. This personal information may be stored in our database.

From time to time, Aspermont may invite you to participate in surveys or offer additional products or services related to those that you may already access. Your participation in any surveys will be anonymous to us and your answers will not be linked to you in any way, except where you consent to provide relevant contact information for purposes specifically stated within the survey, such as the offer of a prize or free product/service trial. If you express interest in any offer presented to you by Aspermont and its associated entities, relevant contact information will be used solely for the purpose of fulfilling the offer. Subsequent use of any personal information will be subject to the Terms and Conditions associated with the specific provision of that product/service.

Your web browser automatically provides us with the type of browser you are using, when you visited our online or digital publications, your top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc), the address of the website that directed you here, your server’s IP address and which pages you viewed. We only use this information for statistical and internal purposes including improving the functionality of our website and digital editions.

Generally, we try to collect personal information directly from you, however sometimes we may collect personal information from publicly available records, information brokers and third parties.

If we are not provided with the personal information that we request, we may not be able to fully provide our services to you.

Use of personal information

Unless required by law, Aspermont will not use or disclose any of your personal information except in accordance with this policy.

To the extent that Aspermont obtains your personal information, it may use and disclose it in order to:

All such communications will contain suitable links to enable you to opt out of further communications, or you can email Aspermont on

Where Aspermont discloses your personal information to its partner organisations for these purposes, Aspermont will use best endeavours to ensure that the organisation in question agrees that it will use your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Anonymous information

We may use anonymous information collected from you for internal purposes including improving our products and services.

Some anonymous demographic information, including but not restricted to, age, location, gender, occupation and total net worth and assets may be provided to advertisers for the sole purpose of their designing advertisements for the website. All information disclosed in these circumstances will be de-identified and stripped of personal information. Your personal information will not be disclosed.

Aspermont’s use of “cookies”

Aspermont’s websites use cookies to manage user access and subscriptions. A cookie is a small text file that a server places on your hard drive to identify that subsequent requests to a site have come from the same user. Aspermont uses cookies to ‘remember’ your browser between page visits.

The cookie records only your member identification number. After your initial log in to a website, Aspermont recognises you as a member and, if your subscription is current, facilitates direct access to news stories. If the ‘cookie’ is not present, members will be asked to provide their login credentials (email address and password) on subsequent visits to subscriber-protected sections of websites.

Members who choose not to accept ‘cookies’ from any of Aspermont’s websites can use the service by entering their email address and password at the beginning of each visit.

To view a sample of the content of Aspermont’s cookies please contact us on

Storage and security of your details

Aspermont will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information that it possesses about you. Aspermont encourages you to play an important role in keeping your personal information secure, by maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords and account details used on websites. It is your sole responsibility to maintain such confidentiality and Aspermont will not be liable for any damage, loss or expense suffered due to such disclosure.

Your Right to Access and Amend Information about you

If you wish to seek access to or to request correction of any personal information we hold about you, please email us using our We request that you provide us with as much detail as possible about the particular information sought in order to help us retrieve it. In certain circumstances, we may not be required by law to provide access to or to correct personal information. If that is the case, we will give you our reasons for that decision.

We take reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Cross-border data transfers

Personal information that Aspermont collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which Aspermont Limited or its service providers operate (including Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United States of America, Brazil and other locations utilised by any potential future reputable third-party partners). The Privacy Act, and corresponding Australian Privacy Principles (APPs, which come into effect on 12 March 2014), requires relevant Australian entities to ensure that, before disclosing personal information overseas, reasonable steps are taken to ensure that overseas recipients do not breach the Privacy Act and corresponding Privacy Principles (APP 8.1). While Aspermont endeavours to do this, it is not always possible to ensure that overseas recipients will comply. Aspermont does not take responsibility for the actions of third party recipients of personal information overseas. By accepting this Privacy Policy you are agreeing that your personal information may be disclosed overseas, and that APP 8.1 will not apply to that disclosure.

In addition, personal information that you knowingly submit for publication on any of Aspermont’s websites or digital publications will be published on the internet and may be available around the world.

Other websites

Aspermont’s websites may contain links to third-party websites. Aspermont is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any such third parties.

Acts in the course of journalism

To the extent that Aspermont carries on activities in the course of journalism (including investigating, preparing and publishing news, articles, reviews and current events), then its acts may be exempt from the requirements of the Privacy Act. However Aspermont will deal with personal information in accordance with the privacy standards as set out by the Australian Press Council.

Contact Us: Questions or Complaints

Aspermont has an internal complaints process to deal with queries or concerns regarding our handling or disclosure of your personal information.

If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or Aspermont’s treatment of your personal information, please write to our Privacy Officer at or to Aspermont Limited, PO Box 78, Leederville, 6902 WA.

We will endeavour to:

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Australian Privacy Commissioner (see or call 1300 363 992).